Born To Party!


Punk Rock Jocks from Scottsdale, AZ!

These gnarly dudes are high on coke and drunk with power with Killer Jams about winning, drinking, fighting, football, hazing, getting wasted, banging chicks, college, selling out, and what life is like when you’re the best.

Ben Brah – Minister of Propaganda & Vocals
Bromeister Douchington III, Esquire – Chief Gynecologist & Vocals
Johnny Deuces – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Todd Thabodd – Guitars & Backing Vocals
tRoy – Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
Jean Paul Van Damn – Drums
“Coach” Red Grundy – Pep Talks, Beatings & Berating’s
Party Gal Danielle – Home Cumming Queen

New CD – BORN TO PARTY – Out Now!
 BroLoaf Born To Party



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